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New Initiative Decreases Stigma Against Homeless By Making Majority Of People Homeless

New Initiative Decreases Stigma Against Homeless By Making Majority Of People Homeless

SAN DIEGO—In an effort to decrease the widespread social shaming often associated with being unhoused, a new city initiative unveiled Thursday reportedly aims to decrease stigma against the homeless by making the majority of people homeless. “It’s our hope that we’ll see more empathy with our homeless population by making the vast majority of San Diegans homeless by 2025,” Mayor Todd Gloria said in a statement, outlining the city’s plan to make at least 900,000 of the city’s 1.4 million residents homeless through evictions, foreclosures, and the eventual bulldozing of much of the city’s housing stock. “We’re going to make homelessness the new normal. Our consultants repeatedly emphasized to us that many people are unable to sympathize with the plight of the homeless because they’ve never experienced a lack of housing themselves, so we’re looking to remedy that by getting almost everyone out living on the streets. Ultimately, this is a situation that comes down to equity, and there’s no better way to decrease the inequity homelessness causes than by making everyone else homeless too.” City officials confirmed the new initiative is part of a sweeping series of social reforms that also aims to decrease the stigma against the formerly incarcerated by arresting everyone and sending them to prison.